Jan 19, 2009

BizQuiz #16

He is the pioneer in Mutual Fund Industry and often referred as the father of Index fund investing. He also created the first S&P 500 index fund. Identify this famous person?
John Bogle.

Cannaught Plaza restaurant and Hardcastle restaurants have had the responsibility for the entry of which MNC to India?

What is the name of the holding company in Jet Airways, promoted by Naresh Goyal?
Tail winds, registered in the Isle of man, Mauritius owns 99.99% in Jet Airways.

Who pioneered the concept ESI, Emotional Surplus Identity, in the area of 'Management of Corporate Branding'?
Shombit sen gupta.

How ABN – AMRO got its present name?
ABN – ALGEMENE BANK NETHERLAND/AMRO – Formed after the merger of Amsterdamsche Bank and Rotteramsche Bank.Created after the merger of ABN & AMRO in 1991.

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