Feb 20, 2009

BizQuiz #24

This game has been known by the names Literati, Alfapet, Funworder, Skip-A- Cross, Scramble, Spelofun, Palabras Cruzadas ("crossed words") and Word for Word. What is the popular name of this game?

Which game gets its name from the Italian/Spanish word for ‘one’?

The first prototypes for this were originally named "Rocky" (the marine/soldier) "Skip" (the sailor) and "Ace" (the pilot), before the currently used name was chosen. What is the current name?
GI Joe

The packaging on this product originally portrayed the ships Friendship and Grand Turk. Which product?
Old Spice

This guy was a salesman for cork seals. He’d see bottle caps with the cork seals thrown away after opening the bottle. This inspired him to base his business on a disposable product. Which company did he start?
Gillette, founded by King Camp Gillette, who built his business around disposable razor blades.

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