Feb 27, 2009

BizQuiz #26

What is known as “Demand Spillover”?
Sales of a product or brand in one country market generated demands in another country

What is “Double branding” in marketing parlance?
Usage of new and old logos and names.

Which company coined the term “Born Global” firms in the year 1993?

Which company launched “Beat” range of hi tech watches in India?

The world famous direct marketing company was founded by Rich Devos and Jay Van Andel in 1959. Name the company.

Which management term derived from the Greek word which means “Art of the general”?

Who is known as the “Father of Mustang”, a famous brand of car?
Lee Iacocca

If you have noticed the health drink advertisements or packs you may have noticed the words RDA balanced formula. What does RDA stands for?
Recommended Dietary Allowance

Who founded the Amul milk co-operative in Gujarat in the year 1902?
Tribuvandas Patel

What were built under a project 178?
FIAT cars Siena, Siena weekend and Palio

What are the bands that carry low ratings with correspondingly higher yields called?
Junk Bonds.

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