Apr 19, 2009

BizQuiz #36

What is an 'Escrow Account', a most popular term in M&A Deals?
In M&A deals, Escrow accounts are meant for safekeeping of payments made by the bidder till the time the deal is closed, after which it is released to the other party.

Who has tied up with one of the IPL teams, 'Delhi Daredevils' as their official travel partner and will organise the entire travel requirements for the team as a part of the deal?

Tulsi Tanti is a founder of Pune-based World's fifth's largest supplier of wind turbines. Name the company.
Suzlon Energy

Recently, Reserve Bank of India(RBI) has allowed three more credit information companies to do business. Name them.
1. Equifax Credit Information Services,
2. Experian Credit Information Company, and
3. Highmark Credit Information Services.

What's P20, which is recently in news, associated with Cricket?
It's England and Wales Cricket Board’s(ECB's) new Twenty20 competition.

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