Mar 24, 2009

BizQuiz #32

Expand MPS, a scale used to measure the overall potential of workers' intrinsic motivation and used in the Job Diagnostic Survey developed by Richard Hackman and Greg Oldham?
Motivating Potential Score

What are "Blind Ads" in HR parlance?
Recruitment advertisements that does not have the name or identity of the Employee

Which internationally acclaimed Indian movie has been included as a case study for 'Human Behavior at Work' by Indian Institute of Management, Indore?

CAMEL is an effective system of rating by the banks. The model insists five main criteria and based on these the financial health is evaluated on a scale of highest to lowest, 1 to 5. In that, A means 'asset quality', M means 'management' and L for 'liability', then what are C and E refer?
Capital adequacy and Earnings

Reportedly, what were male employees of Walt Disney contractually not permitted to have?
A Moustache

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