Apr 5, 2009

BizQuiz #33

Which is the most traded commodity in the world?
Crude Oil

Gulliver's Travels is the inspiration for the name of which familiar internet company?

Bombay House is the headquarters of which industrial house?
The Tatas

Who was the first chairman of ICICI Ltd?
A Ramaswami Mudaliar

Who writes the popular strip 'Dilbert' based on office and business life?
Scott Adams

Who is the founder of General Electric?
Thomas Alva Edison

What foreign company did Tata Tea acquire a stake in last week?

We know the Nano as the Rs1 lakh car. How much did the original affordable car, the Ford Model T, sell for in the second decade of the twentieth century?

Which is the largest-selling soap brand in India?

What does the term GAAP stand for?
Generally Accepted Accounting Principles

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